Blueberry Pansies

Blueberry Pansies

I really did not want to throw away these inedible blueberries so I gently smushed a few of them to paper and made a homemade alcohol stain with the rest of them by pouring some rubbing alcohol over them in a glass and letting them sit overnight.

When that was finished I then lightly painted the stain around the smushed blueberries to bring out their likeness to pansies.

Morning Mountains

Morning Mountains

This painting is a 5×7 inch experiment with combining a watercolor sky with heavy sculpted acrylic mountains that are painted in a quick manner that focuses more on the general shape and essence of light rather than the tiny details of the image.

I couldn’t help myself and went back over a couple spots with a tiny brush and added only a small bit of white in the mountains here and there to try and pull out that morning mountain glow bouncing over the mountains.

Glossy paint was used for the mountains in contrast to a matte sky to further emphasize the effect of light. The mountains were sculpted with an upcycled plastic bread tag.


You made us feel pain
You made us feel sorrow

You made us have to fight for tomorrow

You tore us apart
You broke us down

You turned our worlds around

The others were lucky
That you walked out

Things must have been better without

Such a monster
So twisted
So demented
In ways I have only seen in you two

You are a movie
You are a novel
You are a star of a sick freakshow

Of the people you hurt
The people you used
And tore apart

You really seem to have no heart

You did it to each other
And couldn’t stop there
You then blamed it on me
You never cared

You had me thrown me away
So that I could not be there

You sowed seeds of distrust
And you grew your lies
All in your other victim’s innocent eyes

Here’s my number hidden in your shoe
I promise I will always be there for you
I told her I love you
I’ll come back for you

Never once did we fight
I protected her from you
She was my best friend
She even came from you too

But you had me thrown away
So that I couldn’t be there…

At first there were letters

She thought it all her fault

Written in the sloppy lettering of her little learning hands

“I’m sorry for being a bad sister. It’s all my fault.”

I broke out time
And time again
Was always caught
And brought back in
I fought to live
For a home to give
I never gave up
Half full was my cup

Years later, out of the blue
It was “I know you hate me.”
I told her never! ever! could I hate you!

Unknown words spill out from her
Derived from delusion
What I hear
An illusion

…(what has gotten into you)
… them …
Dear God, no
Tell me it isn’t so
They puppeted and broke her in their twisted freakshow!


Angry words and tears linger in the air
When all I ever did was care

Now all of us are alone

When you should have built us a home…

But as the old saying goes
Forgive and forget
Forgetting I can’t
But forgiving I get

Forgiveness is Love
And hate comes from hurt
When faced with a choice
It seems rather overt

So I will do the one thing no one else could do
I will forgive all of you

I Belong

I belong to the ground beneath my feet

You do not own me because my name is on a card with a number
Or because your systems say you do

I belong to the sky

Your intangible constructs of law with tangible monuments
And weapons in frightening variety
Do Not control me
I accept responsibility for my free will and control my own life

I belong to outer space

I do not belong to you because you forced me into your lockbox
I am myself and I did not choose to be a part of your constructs
They are not for me
They just want to own me
They want to rape me
Body Soul and Mind
Then make me say
I’m Sorry!

I believe in Good things
Not greed and power for personal gain and surreal puppets thereof

I belong to something more than this life

I belong to the ground beneath my feet
I belong to the sky
I belong to outer space…

And I believe in Good things



Spring is here and that means the leaves on the trees will be budding!

Initially, this painting was not meant to represent the leaves that will soon be sprouting on the trees. It was meant to be a new version of an old painting I made for someone that got torn however, I could not shake the feeling this one needed to represent the leaves on trees. So instead, a new painting will have to be made in place of the one that is torn.

This painting was painted with acrylics.

Intangible Constructs – a start to breaking free and creating new

It is my belief that we are enslaved by our own intangible constructs. The value of money, the laws in place that protect corporations, and governance of various and numerous other entities are nothing more than intangible constructs created by us with very tangible consequences.

Let us not forget Newtons Third Law (another intangible construct of thought with very tangible results, equally in proportion to each other… an intangible grand thought with tangible grand results). For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

If we used our minds and theoretically built and perfected (to the best of our abilities with critical and empathetic recognition that there is always room for the possibility of failure and improvement and that our goal is goodness and peace) a way to live on the earth peacefully as well as to find joy in being caretakers of our world (that means all of it, the land, plants, microbes, animals, and people, etc.), we could create unbelievably positive tangible results for everything. Does this not seem like the better and more responsible choice? Especially since we are the most capable species to do so in-spite of our current blind following and grandiose world wide suffering from current, poorly, dangerously, and wrongfully built intangible constructs with comparably awful and current tangible results. What intangible constructs we choose to give weight to, put our faith in, submit to, and follow, is a choice, after all. We all have free will (the thing that powers our intangible constructs)… even though we have numbed ourselves to the weight of just what having free will means.

To save ourselves I believe we need to step outside our world and intangible constructs of ‘reality’ and look back at them without bias and weigh our thoughts heavily upon just what out there is real. What out there matters? What out there has unseen effects or ignored effects, both positive and negative, and what are their causes and effects. Always ponder if a cause could cause that cause and so on to see if it is the effect of a chain reaction. If it is, then what are the variables and constants within the sequence of events and their causes and effects. Apply this without bias, ask as many questions as you can to everything (who, what, where, when, why, and how).

Learning about ourselves and the world around us in such an involved, unbiased, and aware manner is both painful (even traumatic) and cathartic.

I have observed and reasoned that it is only bad to be wrong when we do not try to correct ourselves and our mistakes. Apologies are not always needed and some mistakes may not be ‘correctable’ however, in this instance I believe one should instead try to make-up for it, only after figuring out why one should. In all cases of error, no matter how small or large, heavy introspection should take place to find the true core reason of the error so as to learn from it for any needed corrective and preventative measures.

I believe that this is the start of the way to breaking free from the enslavement, punishment, and destruction from our own intangible constructs.
The power of the mind is strong and that’s good because almost nothing truly worth having is easy to obtain.

We can do it but,… will we? will you? will I?